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Daisy's song

I was listening to Coldplay's "Paradise" the other day and somehow this song reminded me of the character of Daisy. She seems to be trapped in the life she always dreamed of but with the wrong man on her side. She has everything she ever dreamed of but it seems like she has been waiting for Gatsby all her life. When his name is first mentioned she is really surprised and full of hope immediately. The song says "When she was just a girl, she expected the world" which is exactly the reason why Gatsby walked away from her back then - because he knew he is not enough for her. That's why he decided to become wealthy and a great man that can give her everything she wants and needs.

"The wheel breaks the butterfly.
Every tear, a waterfall.
In the night, the stormy night,
She closed her eyes.
In the night, the stormy night,
Away she flied."

This passage of the song reflects Daisy's life and the way she feels very well. She was a beautiful happy butterfly once but she is broken because of her husband now. Altough she knows what is going on she somehow shuts her eyes and pretends not to know. She tries to keep the perfection of her life and simply creates another world in her mind, a world where nothing of what makes her sad is happening. A world to escape.

Coldplay - Paradise


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