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The movie doesn't get it all...

People say that reading a book and then watching the movie they made out of it is always a disappointment because you always expect to much... With The Great Gatsby I did it the other way around - I saw the movie some time ago and just read the book. But guess what - the effect has been the same! Right after the first few chapters of the book I noticed that the film is very superficial and does not express the deep thoughts and feelings of Nick Carraway at all. In the movie he seems to be observing the world and does not really seem to be a part of it. Furthermore what I found really surprising when reading the book was that he actually had feeling for Jordan Baker. In the movie the two seem to be friends and it is never mentioned that Nick thinks about her the way he does in the book.

I found a really interesting blog about all the differences between the 2013 movie and the book so if you are interested, check this out: 

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