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E-mail to Nick Carraway

Dear Nick,

after having read the seventh chapter of the novel "The Great Gatsby", I have thought about your reserved and quiet behaviour on the way to New York for your day out. Throughout the entire time, you have known all the dark secrets every other person has and you have never thought of letting someone in on a secret?

It all starts with the fact that you learn about the situation of the unfortunate marriage of your cousin Daisy and her husband Tom Buchanan. This failed marriage leads to the certainty of getting to know Myrtle Wilson, who transpires to be your cousin's husband's secret mistress. Furthermore you learn that Mr Jay Gatsby is secretaly still in love with your cousin Daisy, whom he got to know and fell in love with years ago. Being aware of all these complex circumstances, you still agree with a day out in New York City - on a very special day: your 30th birthday.

While listening to Tom Buchanan and Jay Gatsby's argument in the suite of the Plaza Hotel in the town centre, you keep entirely quiet and reserved. What sort of intention did you have? Did you try to avoid a catastrophe by revealing all the dark secrets every single character has?   

Please let me participate in your thoughts, intentions and aims. I would appreciate to understand them. 


Best regards, Rachel

Rachel am 25.1.14 11:05

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